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Keyword Research


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Monday, March 10, 2014

How To Do Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing Strategies - With Teapots

via IFTTTI spend a lot of time researching, reading, and testing what the marketing gurus spend their time talking about. Much of it doesn't work and most of the so called gurus have never really done a real world test. So what does it take in 2014 to market a product online? #1 has to be passion. You've got to have a desire to talk about, write about, produce content about, and post about the product every single day or at the very least three or four times a week. #2 has to be an understanding of SEO and SMM. Of course you can produce content all day long but if you have no idea how to get the content in front of a group of people it does not do you any good. You've got to know how to use the social media sites as well as how to communicate, post your information, and never ever appear as any kind of spammer. You also need to make sure that all your content ranks highly on the search engines for the social media sites while at the same time being optimized for the main search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. #3 has to be telling a story. Knowing how to do everything else is all for nothing if you don't know how to tell your story in such a way that it gets people to respond. You've got to know how to make them click and how to guide them through a network of pages, images, and links that bring them towards an end goal. You've got to be an awesome story teller but you've also got to have a unique story. #4 has to be drive. Knowing how to do it all does you no good if you do not have the drive and time to do it. You've got to keep up with all the local information on your product and what's happening in the industry. You're going to be sharing six of the competing content for every one of your own. The idea is that if you're sharing the very best information in the industry then instead of subscribing to 10 different channels I can just subscribe to your channel and get all my information from one source. Plus I drop an email to the people I share their content so I stand a chance of one of them commenting, linking to or even writing an article on something I've just written about.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Marketing Teapots

One of the most powerful tools social media sites have is their ability to find relationships.

For example: 

Let's say you are selling flowers and realize that there is a relationship between married men and their purchasing flowers on their wives birthdays.  With this information in hand you go to Facebook and target all men who are married and have a wife who will be having a birthday in the next 7 days.

Your not selling birthday items, you don't do birthday parties, and yet you would be selling flowers to a guy who isn't having a birthday and if he was he wouldn't want your flowers.   It's all about finding relationships.

It would work the same if you were selling golf clubs and found out that 60% of the people that played golf drank a particular kind of wine.  Instead of advertising in the middle of a thousand other kinds of golf clubs you could just advertise in the wine store. 

You've got to go outside the box and look for some way to connect your product to a wider audience. 

For example: 

We know it would be really difficult to market teapots on the social media sites without giving them a reason to click on the link.  And let's face it, it would be reallyhard to think of a reason to make the average guy or gal hanging out on a social media site click on the link.

You need the click because without it Google will see your buinsess as something no one is really interested in and you will not rank in the search results.

This means it is all for nothing and actually does more damage then good. 

So you need to look at what kind of person would buy a teapot.   

It Could Be:

1. Someone who has a little girl.
    A.) They are most likely married
    B.) They like the idea of being a family.
    C.) They go to church.
    D.) They watch the news.
    E.) They worry about what's happening around the world. 
    F.) They are busy and have very little time for their family or kids.

Now what I want to do is look at some problems these people might be facing like.

1.  They worry about how to take care of their family if something happens to them.
2.  They worry about what they would do if something bad happened where they live.  This could be natural or a man made disaster.
3.  They worry about not spending enough time with their kids.
4.  They worry about what their kids will grow up and become.
5.   They worry about them spending to much time in front video games and the tv.

So how do teapots solve any of these problems?

Teapots bring the family back together.  They allow the family to sit down and talk.  So now we know where they are but how do we get in front of them.  

First we need to find this person.  



SEO 2014

The gurus tell me all I need to do is write awesome content and the rest will take care of itself but this has been proven to be false. As a matter of fact it has been proven to be false even when that content is sitting on high PR websites.

When I first started doing SEO Google was just one of many websites we optimized for and it was all about driving traffic.  A lot has changed since then and while most of it has been for the better some of it has not.

Some where along the way it started being all about Google and a problem was created. 

The truth of the matter is that Google does not much care about us, our business, or where we rank.  They only care about their business and what is in the best entrance for them as do most major corporations. 

For example if a new actor hits the scene or a big world event happens Google wants to make sure that event or happening ranks in the top of the search results.  This can't be done by hand so it is an algorithm that runs along side the normal algorithm and allows certain sites to bypass the filters that prevent most sites from ranking.

It would make sense that lots of traffic and interaction on the site would be one of the things that would allow a site to bypass those filters.  This means you optimize the back-end for the search engines but you design the site and the content for interaction. 

Every piece of content has to be optimized for the search engines and the social media sites.

If you use an image along with your content that image should look good enough and say enough on it's own that it can be pinned on Pinterest and create enough desire in someone that they are willing to click, like, and share your image as well as click on your image to go to your site.

That image along with your content should then be shared on Twitter.   For the first month it's not a made idea to try and get new followers daily as well as create a couple different accounts and try twitting every hour of every day so you can figure out which title, images, and times of the day are the most likely to get clicked on.

Now I talked about the things you should be looking for in the person that is going to be doing your SEO here but now I want to talk about one other thing and that is the topic you'll be creating content around.

When your talking about SEO, golf, sports, celebrities, cars, the Bible, the latest news or any of the other things people are passionate about it's not nearly as hard to create a following then if your talking about teapots.

The problem with real products is they normally do not have near the following as the popular products do.  What you need to do at this point is try and come up with a unique way to link your product with a popular topic like Blend it did.

Blend it was able to link their blender with the ability to blend and destroy just about anything. 

People watch the videos because they are fun to watch and they answer a question, "What would that look like if I stuck it in the blender?".

The problem is trying to figure out how and what to link teapots to.