Here's my prediction for 2012!

Here's my prediction for 2012!

We will see more companies begin to realize how important CRO (conversion rate optimization) is. Because being able to test and fine tune your website has never been cheaper, easier or faster. There is currently nothing else you can do to improve your bottom line like CRO can. And if that’s not enough of a reason to be using it, Google has changed the way they rank web pages to include CRO.

It’s all about the User’s Experience!

How important is CRO to GOOGLE?

Google’s new ranking algorithm is all about making webpages better for the user. It's always been
Google's motto, “make pages for the user not for the search engines”.

In the past Google didn’t care what your website looked like. This was obvious from some of the websites that ranked highly in Google. With Google’s new algorithm this is no longer the case. User behavior is a ranking signal! This means if users react in a positive way towards your website you could see a boost in traffic from Google.

Google is the only one that knows exactly how much user experience is figured into the algorithm at the moment but it makes since. Google has been saying all along focus on your website and let us focus on our algorithm. As they get closer to creating an algorithm that emulates human responses to web page quality you’ll be forced to focus more on your user’s experience. This allows the webmaster to spend his time doing what he should have been doing all along, improving the user’s experience. And the search engines can continue to focus on making their algorithm better and less time hunting down duplicate content and link purchasers. At least in this case you know you're getting the most out of the traffic. You will be actively improving the users experience in hopes of a better ranking.
It Just Makes Since!

The setup process takes minutes and is incredibly simple. From there the test can be designed, built, executed, monitored and reported on all within the admin section of the testing platform.
Chances are your competition is already doing this! !

As onsite and offsite SEO slowly begin to unravel, the shift to conversion rate optimization just makes since. Why? Because, it is one of the few inbound marketing methods that can lead to a nearly immediate return on your investment. Who can say no to a fast-track return on an investment? As the SEO sector gets hectic with ups and downs and PPC prices continue to rise, site owners may find themselves needing to get more out of their current traffic, in order to justify the prices they are paying for that traffic.

The point is, practicing CRO is looking more and more like a solid business decision. If your competition is smart, it's on their menu for 2012.

It’s easy to measure and you can see a ROI in 7 days!

One of the reasons that marketing methods like pay per click advertising, banner ads, and affiliate programs caught on so quick was their measurability and speed at which you can determine their effectiveness. With PPC campaigns, you can develop, launch, monitor, and evaluate all within the space of a week. This is perfect for the, “I want it done yesterday” types.
Most of the free marketing methods have a lag times that are hard to swallow.
CRO is different. It's entirely feasible to run a CRO test, for a week and benefit from the test.

User Experience!

Sometimes we lose sight of what really matters. But in the online world you live and die by what matters most to your business, converting visitors. CRO deals with that problem head on.
Where to start!

Ask a simple question. What is the one thing I want my website visitor to do and how can I get he/she to do that?

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