Are Web Designers the Biggest Threat to SEO’s?

Web designers build pages that attract visitors and convert those visitors.  Unlike SEO’s who only worry with were the page ranks.

Both SEO’s and Web Designers want keywords that are:
1.  Relevant
2.  Get lots of traffic
3.  Have low competition

The difference is a web designer knows keyword research starts with an understanding of what the page will offer.

A web designer writes title tags that include the keyword to let the web visitor know what the page is about.  SEO’s include the keyword a certain number of times in hopes of getting a little extra brownie point from Google.

A web designer takes it a step further and tells a story inside the title tag.  A web designer knows that the first step is getting someone to click onto the page.  

A web designer uses header tags to break up the content and make it easier to read.  SEO’s use them to stuff keywords making the content unreadable.

An SEO uses navigation to funnel link juice through the site.  A web designer uses dynamic navigations.  The navigation changes depending on the users experience and understanding of your product.   Giving the website owner more control of the link juice.

SEO’s write emails asking website owners to exchange links.  Web designers build awesome websites that tell a story.  Other webmasters link to the story.

For a web designer, the best form of SEO is—no SEO!

A web designer writes short, punchy, unique, colorful, and valuable information.  While the SEO tries for long and boring articles.

Are Web Designers the Biggest Threat to SEO’s?

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