Breaking Down a Custom Website Design

As a web designer we create pages for both the search engines and the web visitor.  These pages are supposed to focus on solutions to problems and not the actual product. I get that.  I am not selling a product or services but rather a solution to a problem.

But how do I figure out the problem my product solves.  Or rather how my potential client would search for the solution to this problem?

It was explained to me like this.

If you were a cave man selling a flint sharpener it would have no purpose. 

However, if you took the flint sharpener and showed women how to sharpen tools and how tools 
allowed them to save time cutting meat.

You will have created a group of people to market to.

And if you took that same tool and showed men how to sharpen items to fight with. 

You will have just created a second group to sell to. 

If you then teach a man that is working in garden how much faster it would be if his tools where sharp you would then have created a third group.

I get the idea is to continue creating these groups and you end up with tons of people to market to, both male and female.

But how would you list the needs and problems of someone that was trying to improve their current website design?

What keywords and groups would you create?

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