Can't keep up? 5 Ways to Simplify Your Web Design

Most web designers don’t have a clue how powerful a website could be! It’s evident…they keep building the same website over and over again.
And you will never know how powerful your website could be!

1. Does your design tell a story that shows your website visitor how their life would be better, more complete, profitable and happier if they owned what it is you are selling?
Unlike print, radio, or TV, the Internet sees how your customer responds to your product, website, offers, and prices. And this information can be tracked and used to make your business more profitable.

It is sad how many web designers and business owners are not taking advantage of this, because this is THE game-changer.

The majority of websites are not performing anywhere near where they should.
2. Set goals and understand how you’ll measure success. And figure out how your current website measures up.

The old process didn’t work.

You contact me.

You explain what you’re looking for.

I then use my experience and understanding to create my best guess at what will make YOU happy.

I’ll look at your competitions website and create you a website with a similar home page.

You and I then go back and forth fine tuning and tweaking the design. We’ll put the content, photos, and headers YOU expect.

Your homepage will tell your website visitors all about who you are and what you do. The rest of the website will talk about your products and services.

There will be a FAQ page and a way to purchase products. Of course you’ll have a “Contact Us” page.

I’ll even set you up analytics for you so you can track web visitors as they go through your site. You can even set up and track your goals.

That alone will put you a head of your competition. Chances are few if any are using theirs to its full potential, if at all!

3. You’ve got to make educated decisions about your website structure and design. After all any method based on guesswork is going to have a poor track record.
Nothing else is going to work well until you get a system into place. Not paid advertising. Not search engine optimization. Nothing is going to work well because you have a flowed website design.

4. Your current website falls short of where it should. It’s because the way web designers have approached the art of designing.

Your website talks about what you do and how you do it. It tells visitors about the features of your products, and provides the information they need.

It gives them a way to buy, request more information, or to contact you.

What more could it do?

Well…actually a lot.

5. Every page on your website needs to be on topic.

Many years ago a group of researchers put a table of 6 different flavor jams in front of a store. Throughout the day they rotated between tables of 6 jams with a table of 30 different jams.
They studied how people reacted to the 30 choices compared to 6.
  • Both groups tasted about the same number of flavors.
  • The table with 30 flavors drew a larger crowd.
  • However, thirty percent of the people that visited the table with six choices purchased jam, while only three percent made a purchase from the table that offered 30 options.
When given more options only 3 percent purchased. When given less options 30 percent purchased.

Building a business isn’t without risk and sacrifice. When you hit the first pothole (and it will happen) just keep in mind that you are creating a business.

By pivoting and changing directions you are able to improve your customers experience and increase the amount of money you are making.

But you have to be willing to sacrifice like few are to live like few can.

Making your website work is a formula, not an ingredient. Building an online business is a process.
Process cannot be outsourced, because process come from wisdom, personal growth, strength, and events.

People who make money with their websites don’t do so by stumbling around online. Both making money and losing money are a direct effect of the roadmap you follow.

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