Did You Make These Mistakes With Your Website Design?

Less than 1 percent of websites make $1,000.00 per month!

So why do web designers keep building websites the same way? It’s evident by the lack of money that our current web design system is broke. A website is designed to tell a story. A story about how your life would be better, more complete, profitable and happier if you owned what it is I am selling?

Unlike print, radio, or TV, we can track and see how our customers respond to our website. So we know we aren’t making money.

So why do so many websites fail to see a profit?

The majority of websites are not performing anywhere close to where they should. Maybe the whole process is broken?

Here’s our process…that doesn’t work.

You contact me.

You explain what you’re looking for.

I then use my experience and understanding to create my best guess at what will make you happy.

I’ll look at your competitions website and create you a website with a similar home page.

You and I then go back and forth fine tuning and tweaking the design. I’ll put the content, photos, and other information that you would expect to see. Your homepage will tell your website visitors all about who you are and what you do. The rest of the website will talk about your products and services.

You know…just like your competitions website but better. Oh…did I forget to tell you that 99% of websites are not making money. Chances are we are going to copy a website that isn’t making any money. But don’t worry in our opinion your website will be much better.

No wonder only 1 percent of websites are making money.

The guys that are making money are working so hard on their backend that they don’t have time to talk to us. It seems to me we’ve got a problem in the foundation of our business. The method of guessing hasn’t worked very well.

Yes enough paid advertising and search engine optimization can put us in the 1 percent club but that doesn’t change the fact that this is a flowed system.

Business owners broke onto the internet scene, got a footing, and set back content with their position. We all ran in, copied them, and waited, but nothing happened. This new world is different from anything we’ve ever seen.

It doesn’t stop!

When a business says we’ve done things like we’ve always done them that is a failed business model.

Yes I know:

Your website talks about what you do and how you do it. It tells visitors about the features of your products, and provides the information they need.

It gives them a way to buy, request more information, or contact you.

What more could it do?

If you don’t know the answer to this you could be on the wrong forum.

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