How to Build an Affordable Custom Website Design?

Let’s say I want to increase my websites traffic.  The idea is to create more pages.  But pages that focus on nothing but problems.  Problems people needing my services might search for.

This would be a list of anyone that could possibly ever buy from me.

I’ll then create pages for folks with these problems and introduce them into the story that is already being told on the site.

Everyone, at some point, starts at zero and anyone that makes a purchase has to reach the last step.  So I have the beginning and end of the story.

Each page would focus on a different level of awareness, a different desire, a different idea, and different way of getting their attention.  Depending on that information the page would then invite them to take the next logical step.

The site would be full of pages that introduce web visitors into funnels that best meets their current circumstances.

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