How to Get Your Web Design to Sell More

How to Sell More Online

Your websites job is to tell a story so awesome it makes me want to build a bridge to your product.   

Your story has to get my attention in less than a second and begin creating a desire in less than two.  You’ve only got three seconds to make me believe that my life would be more complete, happier, better, productive and richer if I owned those earrings that you are selling.

Most websites spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to spread lots of messages across the homepage.  What you want to do is create lots of landing pages.  Drive traffic to those pages rather than the home page.

Experiments throughout history have proven time and again that the more choices mean fewer sales.
In 2000 there was an experiment done were a table was set up in a busy grocery store in California.  The products on the table would change between 6 jars of jams and 24 jars of jam.
When there were 24 jars of jam on the table 60% of shoppers passing the table stopped and tasted the jam. When there were six jars of jam only 40% stopped and tasted the jam.

I didn’t matter rather there were 6 or 24 jars of jam on the table people only tasted one or two.

The big difference came at checkout;
  • Out of all the shoppers that stopped at the table with 6 jars, 30% purchased.
  • Out of all the shoppers that stopped at the table with 24 jars, only 3% purchased.
From this we know it’s better to have a product per page.

The more choices you give someone, the more confused they become and the less likely they are to make a purchase.  This means your website needs to be simple, clean and focus on the product.

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