How to Stop Gambling with Your Website

I can put a system into place for you that will give you a competitive advantage.

I am going to go into detail because I really want you to get a full understanding of what I am talking about.

But first a couple question.
  1.  How well is your current website performing?
  2.  What do you consider a successful website?
  3.  Have you set any goals that you are currently measuring with your website?
I am not a graphic designer.  I am a web designer.  Web designing is both art and a science.
As a web designer I have to have a goal in mind for each page.
I’ll then use every element on that page to accomplish that goal.  Each goal is a problem that needs to be solved.  As a web designer I don’t start with graphics; I start with questions, goals, and an understanding.
A web designer is to an online business, what a marketer would be to an offline business.
The web designer’s job is attracting the right type of people to a page and converting as many of those people as possible.
Every page has to be designed to attract traffic and then convert the same traffic it is attracting.  Neglecting either conversion or traffic is a recipe for failure.
At this moment it is easier to drive traffic and make money online then at any other time in history.  Of course there is also more competition online then at any other time in history.
It’s why investing in both traffic and conversion is more important now than at any other time in history.
And unlike any other time in history you’re able to set up a web page, get it in front thousands of people, test it, tweak it and determine the direction your offer needs to go in, in days.
You can test different ideas.  Measure the results.  And then alter web pages and campaigns in response to what you learn.
A web designer is someone that is able to be creative and think, what if.  While at the same time able to look and understand statistics that give them a direction to their creativity.
Their job is creating web pages that tell a story that gets a website visitor to take action.  It’s not about limiting a niche but rather expanding it.  Just because a larger group responds well to one service or offer doesn’t mean you ignore the other.
A web designer creates a new web page for the smaller group and begins studying how to make that group larger.
You’re invited to a barbecue with some friends.  As people begin finding out what you do for a living they become interested and one at a time begin calling you to the side and asking you questions.
Each person’s knowledge of you and the services is different.  And each person’s needs are different.  So your approach to each person would naturally be different.  Repeating the same lines over and over again wouldn’t win you any friends or business.
Well…I am the one that gets your website to stop repeating the same stuff over and over again to the wrong group of people.  Like chances are your competition is doing.
Don’t get me wrong, they are hitting a group of people that are responding, what I do is hit that same group and as many other small groups as I can find.
And I tell each the same story a different way.   
This requires a dynamic website that can grow and change with the people we meet.  There is an ongoing never ending relationship with your designer.
The idea is to create specific landing pages.  Landing pages designed for a specific type of person.  Landing pages designed to enter a person into the best time line for the story being told on your website.
Your website has to be structured and built around the story for the goals you want to accomplish.
It all comes back to Goals!

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