Most Website Do Not Make Money

I often here website owners crying about having paid thousands for a website that doesn’t make them any money.

Here’s the problem. Most web designers don’t understand how powerful a website should be. 

It’s evident in the fact …they keep building websites the same way. 

Why the hell wouldn’t you change if the majority of the sites you are building are not making money?

Just about every business has a website.  You’ve got to, because just about everybody goes online and researches before spending money.

Unfortunately, most websites suck at doing what they were designed to do.  Websites should give information, influence, and persuade people.

The Internet is trackable!

Unlike print, radio, TV or just about any other form used to get your message out, the Internet sees how your product impacts the end users.

It is sad how many web designers are not taking advantage of this, because this is THE game-changer.

This isn’t an Internet fad.  This is the foundation every design you design should be built on.  You’ve got to get off your ass and comment to discovering what really matters.

What makes the difference in an ordinary website and a kickass website?  The majority of websites are not performing anywhere near where they should.

This is Your Fault!

I bet you don’t know rather websites are successful because they look fantastic, or because they have had thousands invested in search engine optimization?

It’s time to design your website for traffic.

Get off your ass and either hire someone else to do it or do it yourself but you’ve got to understand how well your current website doing.

You’ve also got to set some goals and understand how you’ll measure success.

The old way of building websites is just bullshit!

Here’s the old process.

You contact me.

You explain what you’re looking for.

I then use my experience and understanding to create my best guess at what you are looking for.  My best guess at what will make YOU, the owner of the company happy.  My best guess at what will get you to pay me.

I’ll look at your competitions websites. 

I’ll then create you a website with a similar home page.   

You and I will go back and forth fine tuning and tweaking the design.  When we finish your website will have the content YOU would expect!

Your homepage will tell your website visitors all about who you are and what you do. The rest of the website will talk about your products and services.

There will be a FAQ page and a way to purchase products.  Of course you’ll have a “Contact Us” page.

I’ll even set you up analytics so you can measure your web visitors.  Analytics can track how your website visitors got to your site.  Analytics can track where your website visitors visit on your site.

But it won’t matter because you will not use it!
And a link building campaign or SEO isn’t going to help your website ever reach its full potential.

The problem is that neither the website owners nor the designers they hire understand how powerful websites should be. The majority of websites today should be attracting more visitors, and converting more visitors.

The reason most websites are not making the money they should is because we are building websites the same way.

This is Web 4.0

Web 2.0 was the “Best Guess” method.  Web 4.0 is making educated decisions that drive the structure and design of your website.

Any method based on guesswork is going to have a poor track record.

You will find that paid adverting will not work.  Search engine optimization will not work.  The whole idea is flowed because your website is not set up correctly.

Our current web designs are not enough.

Our current web designs fall short of what is possible.

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