The Reason You Are Not Selling More

I’ve spent the day playing online looking at all the wine web designs.

Most of the sites are exactly what I thought they would be.
You guys all talk about who you are and what you sell.  Some of the sites tell me what you do and how you do it.  Some beautiful websites tell me all about your wine, products and gives me all the information I need.
There are sites that I can buy directly from and others I can contact or request for more information.

I am sure you’ve all realized by now that your wine site's aren't making the money you had hoped they would.

You see…the rest of the internet is just now starting to realize that the old way of building websites isn’t working.  We’ve been targeting and building websites around the conscious mind when we should have been building and designing websites around the subconscious mind.
The old way of building websites guarantees an increase in advertising spend month after month.  While the new way of designing websites guarantee a decrease in advertising dollars being spent month after month.

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