The Shocking Truth about The Life of an Affordable Custom Website Designer!

If you’re a web designer, I bet it didn’t take long for you to realize how important having your customers trust is.  Other words, if you’re doing a website for someone, you need them to trust that you know what you are doing.  But to get their trust you have to educate them.

You need them to understand that there is a reason you’re doing the things the way you are. 

There is a reason you’re using that font.  There is a reason you’re using that background color.  There is a reason the menu is on that side of the page.  There is a reason the banner is not moving.  And there is a reason your customer needs to know and understand these things!

If you’ve got a client that already knows exactly what he or she wants then I’d dump them.  As a matter of fact I’d run from them!

Getting the website online and working is just the first step.  Once online you need to start running split test to see what is going to work best.  The Shocking TRUTH is, No one, knows what's going to work best.  As a web design you should know what has worked for your other clients.  As a web designer you should have an idea of what has worked best for similar products.

But neither you nor the customer should have any plans set in stone at this point in the relationship.  Neither of you know what’s going to work best for this product.  Neither of you know what’s going to work best for this website, in this industry, with this owner, selling at this location at this price.

You have to work hand in hand with the client every single day until the site is finished. So before you sign that contract, is that a price you can live with?  And even more important are you going to be able to work with this client every single day for the next couple weeks or even months?

Building a website is bouncing ideas off one another and testing those ideas with statics and other data that helps you to improve the site.

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