The Zen of Web Design – is Knowing Who You Are!

I’ve spent the last 10 years making my living online.  I’ve been a web designer, SEO, SMO, affiliate marketer, programmer and graphic designer.  

I got into affiliate marketing hoping I could put the final touches on my own websites.  That’s what I really enjoy doing.  But instead I found there was more money building in bulk so I automated everything.

My web design business had programmers and graphic designers.  But after years of sitting in the top for some of the most competitive keywords in the web design industry, we started slipping.

With my affiliate marketing sites and web design business sitting dead I figured it might be a good time to pivot.
Simplifying Life

While I can do a little web graphics and a little programming I am neither a graphic designer nor programmer.  And after spending the last 10 years surrounded by programmers, web designers SMO’s and SEO’s I can tell you that I can’t learn it all.

I don’t like affiliate marketing.  I am not a graphic designer.  SEO is boring.  I couldn’t bring myself to charge someone just for talking.  I’d need years to fully understand programming.  Writer? Not hardly! Marketing? Like I went to school.

Last night I was doing some reading and realized I am a web designer.

Web designing is both art and science.  But I don’t have to be a graphic designer or a scientist.

A web designer doesn’t start with graphics; they start with questions, goals, and an understanding.

A web designers builds web pages.  Test different ideas.  Measure the results.  And then alters the web page and campaigns with the end result being more traffic and sales.

A web designer is someone that looks at a web page and says, “what if”?  While at the same time able to look and understand statistics that give direction to the creativity that needs to be undertaken.

A web designer’s job is creating a website that tells a story.    

Web pages are created to introduce readers into the story.

Web pages introduce readers into the appropriate timeline that best suits their needs and understanding of the product or service.

It took me ten years to figure out what I am but now I know.  (-: 

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