How to End Your Fight with the Sales Department Once and For All

It seems to me that it’s gotten more difficult than ever before to make money, on or offline.  I think it might be time to rethink the way we’ve been making money, online.  For example the old way of building a website hasn’t been the best way. 

It was basically where you and I worked together and guessed on what we thought your client wanted.  Well the truth is we never had a chance.  You seeyour client doesn’t know what he wants so how the heck could we?

We, you, me, I, everyone purchase subconsciously and justifies it latter with logic.  
This means your website has to talk to your customer’s subconscious, not their conscious.

Our minds are processing millions of pieces of data every second.  However we are only aware of a small percent of that.  You walk up to the used car salesman because you need a new car.  Your mind has a mathematical formula it’s running on the salesman to see if you can trust him.

Have you ever left your parents’ house and managed to drive 30 minutes to your house while thinking about all the things you needed to do once you got home.  Never once thinking about where you were going or what you were doing.  Yet you managed to make it home safely?

Have you ever noticed that when you are in that state and someone pulls out in front of you or something requires your full attention it has it in less than a split second?   

People talking about multi-tasking like it’s something new.  

Have you ever noticed that when you are playing a video game the longer you play the better you get?  It’s because there is a mathematical formula that runs that program and your subconscious mind is figuring it out.   Yet you don’t know it and are totally unaware of it.

To build a website rather it’s for a Nashville DUI Lawyer, Atlanta Ga.CRM company, or a company selling silicone wristbands worldwide,  we have to build pages that have goals that can be measured.

At the same time you are measuring how this traffic is reacting to this information you also have to test new ideas to increase the number of visitors that are reaching the goals you have set for that page.

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