The World As We Knew It!

The internet has changed the way we as humans operate.  How could we ever go back?

I saw a video the other day about a bomb that if it was used could fry all the electrical components for an area as large as ¾ of the United States.  It’s kind of scary really.  You’d be totally out of touch with everyone except your neighbors.    
Since everything for as far as you can see is fried you’d have no idea rather it was the whole world or just a small area.   

The stories would be first come first serve.  Think about it, the registers, cell phones and power is out.  The stores are closed and you’re hungry.  If you don’t knock the window out and taker what you need someone else will?  

If it happened after the current generation was gone then they wouldn’t stand a chance. 

The current generations couldn’t live without their cell phones, custom web designs and PDM

It’s a scary thought. 

I think I’ll plant be a garden just in case.  But then how would I protect my garden?

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