Paying People to Like Me?

I’ve got a real problem with this and I’ll explain to you why.

I’ve just created my Facebook page for a new social media business I am about to launch. I’ve got a lot of fine tuning and tweaking to do as well as adding some content before bringing it to life.

I’ll need 30 likes to get the whole thing going but I am against buying those likes.

If I buy them it gets the ball rolling but to make money and see a profit I need real people liking and sharing what I am writing. Buying likes is like getting a loan for a new car that you really can’t afford. It’s for bragging rights only.

Facebook has started deleting fake accounts and the likes that have been generated from those accounts. Facebook themselves said they believe that as many as 5% of the accounts on Facebook could be fake.

And let’s face it, starting a new business is difficult and the brand is my most valuable asset. On the other hand the herd mentality means I am more likely to get “likes” if I’ve got “likes”.

Let’s look at whose got fake likes;

  • Texas HoldEm Poker

  • Eminem

  • Rihanna

  • The Simposons

  • Shakira

  • Lady Gaga

  • Michael Jackson

And that’s just to name a few.

To me it looks like the top brands on Facebook are doing a combination of things from organically created fans too buying zombie fans. I personally feel that telling an awesome story and having entertaining content is by far the better way to go.

Faking “likes” makes things more difficult to measure. My personal opinion is that it’s a lot like faking traffic to your website. It makes measuring the real traffic more complicated.

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