Eyeing an SEO Competition

I was a bit hasty before when I said there was no way to Rank for the keyword midsummer.  That was right after I had seen this report and you have to admit that looking for a #1 ranking there doesn’t look good.

I’d like to rank for the keyword but using white hat methods or at least grey hat.    

At first I didn’t see any way but now I think I was a bit hasty.

There is a way.    

If the site became popular really fast or gave the appearance of that being what was happening.

It would be a matter of either getting people to talk about the site or giving the appearance of people talking about the site.

Again, given enough time you could create 100’s of what would appear like real profiles and have those real or at least real looking profiles start talking about and linking to the site.

Normally a site that is 100% on topic will push pass authority sites like Amazon and sometimes even Wikipedia but seeing as how I’ve already got sites like that in the top 10 me creating another one isn’t going to help out very much.

I could do a redirect and build links to the redirect and try and use that as a buffer to somehow protect the site.  By doing that I forfeit an aged, good domain name for a domain name that is really good for nothing once all is said and done.

And if that isn’t bad enough it might not even work so you forfeit everything for nothing.

If we are going to do that we would need to combine it with something else to increase our chances of being able to pull this thing off.

We could post 20 unique articles a day on the site.   

Each article posted could automatically set into action a certain set of things that would happen throughout the social media sites.

For example I could automatically pin my photo, like the page, and tweet about it the second it was posted.  If I sprinkle this out into the web 2.0 properties it could give me a little boost.

I’ll then build links back into those web 2.0 properties.        

The problem is duplicating the content on the social media sites and the lack of desire for putting out content that looks any crazier than the way I normally write.

I need a way to filter out exactly what is being posted and how much of it is being posted.  It needs to work in the backend of WP and appear under every post.

I’ll look into this and see if someone has already made one.

But all that is nothing more than the icing on the cake.  That alone isn’t going to make this site rank for midsummer and I am not willing to sacrifice a good domain name for nothing more than a hope and a dream.

Now one site that does bring me hope is http://www.midsummer.se/.  As a matter of fact there are three week spots that I see and that is in results number 5, 6, and 9 and all these are exact match domain names.

As a matter of fact those results look more than doable.  Let me do a little more research into those three sites.  Okay, so if we don’t get banned I think I can get us in the top ten fairly easily but a number #1 ranking is a whole other story.

I’d like to see if I can’t push by Wikipedia.

Eyeing an SEO Competition

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