Remove Bad Reviews

Remove Bad Reviews:

Want to know a powerful secret weapon you can use in your quest to protect your online reputation?

This amazing secret weapon is called a habit.

Developing better creative habits is one of the most valuable things you can do to protect your online reputation.

One afternoon after work I stopped by my attorney’s house to say hi.

As I walked in I could hear him yelling to his wife, “I’m not hungry.”

As I walked in he sat with a blank, vacant stare, but I could tell his mind was running a mile a minute.  He picked up an ashtray and slung it across the room and his eyes caught mine.  He threw his hands up and yelled,

“I’ve worked months on this project.”

Then he said with a slightly lower tone, “I’ve spent thousands of my own hard earned money.  This was the job I would retire on.  But it’s all lost.

Not because of an upset customer, upset business partner or even upset friend.


This job was lost because of my daughters x-boyfriend.

Can you believe that?”

I was shocked and unsure of how to respond.  As we talked a bit longer I would come to learn that the daughter had broken up with the boyfriend after being instructed to do so by the father.  The avaon-icon1boyfriend being unhappy about the new arrangements lashed out and accused the father of all kinds of untruths online.  On a site called RipOffReports where anyone, can say anything, about anybody.

The deal was all but done…up until the potential client did some last minute background checking and came across some disturbing information.  But the damage is done.  The client is lost and it will take months to repair the damage that has been done online.

My friend had to change his habits!

He no longer comes in, after a long day of work, and cuts on the TV.  He now has to come home and hit the Internet, making friends and increasing his reach for his online social media profiles.  In the process of my friend changing his habits he slowly feel in love with the social media sites.  He loves helping people with legal problems online (at no charge) and it has become his passion.

His business has grown larger than he ever dreamed it would and he has found an old passion that he had once lost.

You don’t have to wait for someone to start posting bad reviews about you online.  By starting now your able to drive businesses to your website, improve your customer service, products, website and build a wall of protection against bad reviews, misinformation, and misunderstandings.


Remove Bad Reviews

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