“Reputation Management” Isn’t a Buzzword, It’s the Future of Your Business

Online reputation management is a full contact sport complete with defaced, disfigured, blemished and scared businesses with shattered dreams, and dislocated egos. 

The online world is starting to rear a new and much uglier look.

Small businesses are being destroyed by the competition because of a lack of understanding of how social media sites work as well as a lack of knowledge as to the power social media sites yield.

A well-known attorney in Dothan Alabama had a promising future, well…until he had a run in with his clients soon to be x-husband.  A man who was none too pleased about his soon to be new title.

The attorney never knew what happened. 

Here was a man proud of the fact that he had never spent more than a couple minutes online his entire life.  Yet his marriage, life, businesses, reputation and future was destroyed online.

He never saw it coming.  He like many others felt that as long as you are not participating, you’re okay.  This is exactly where the people attacking you want you.

I used to think that when playing “hide and seek” as long as you didn’t look at the person that was looking for you, they couldn’t see you.

Crazy Right???

But not any crazier than you thinking that just because you’re not on Twitter, no one is talking about you on Twitter.

But just like I changed and no longer believe that just because I don’t look at someone they can’t see me, one day you are going to wake up and realize that if you’ve got a small business, you have to either hire someone to participate on the social media sites or do it yourself.

Ignoring social media is no longer an option.  With all the talk about social media it amazes me the number of small businesses owners who still feel ignoring them is an option.

Let’s say you own a business, we’ll call it business X.

And you sell product Y

I am your brother-in-law, a sorry piece of crap that lacks integrity and a desire to work.

Watching you work is disgusting to me.

So I hatch a plan.  I’ll buy product Y from your competition and rank my new business for your business X.  While you’re out drumming up clients I’ll be sitting online waiting for those clients to research your business.

When they do they’ll get a bad review about your business and a link to my business.

Once I realize how easy and quickly this can be done I do it for all the competing companies.  The more the competition hurts for money the more they spend on advertising and the more money I make.

This is the best converting traffic online because your competition has already done all the hard work.  They have pre-sold the client on their need for the product and all your doing is intercepting the pass.

Touch Down!


“Reputation Management” Isn’t a Buzzword, It’s the Future of Your Business

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