The #1 Best Online Reputation Management Companies

I’ve gotten a new system that will not only remove and keep bad reviews off the first page of Google, but it will increase your rankings and boost your traffic.

This is an incredible piece of software designed to get your website a top ranking and protect your reputation with social media sites.  Every website that is ranking for a competitive keyword currently shows social signals from sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn…

We’re not alone in this realization.  SEO experts from Search Engine Watch to SEO Moz are saying social signals are a ranking factor.

Here’s how it works. 

Step 1:

We purchase a domain name, set up hosting and design a custom designed WordPress blog.  This blog is not associated with the business, it’s just a guy or girl that has a blog and from time to time link out to your site.

But every time a post is made it links out to social media profiles on social sites like:

  • Blogger

  • Diigo

  • FaceBook

  • Friend Feed

  • Instapaper

  • Plurk

  • StumbleUpon

  • Twitter

  • VKontakte

  • vbulletin based sites

  • WordPress

Social shares are the New SEO.  By creating these social sites with names that include your business name they not only rank for and protect your name but it gives your website access to these very links that allow you to go after and rank for the most competitive keywords in your industry.

The process of automatically posting on these social sites is a built in feature of the blog we design for you.

Step 2:

We use an automated program to create 50 social media sites all with similar names to your business.  We then log into these sites and remove the scrapped content and replace them with an original design and original content.

We optimize these social sites for your main keyword and your business name.   

Step 3:

We need Google to find these new social sites so we create some links from:

  1. High Pr Approved Article Submission

  2. High Pr Bookmarks

  3. High PR Profiles

  4. Social Signals

    Twitter – retweets

    Google+ – likes and shares

    Facebook – shares

    Pinterest – likes & repins

    Stumble Upon – likes

  5. High Pr Wikis

  6. Tumblr & Weebly Blog Submission

  7. Hi PR Manual Web2.0 Submission

These links will makes these sites start to rank but to speed up the process we need Google to find the links going to our social profiles as fast as possible.

Step 4:

We’ve got our 10 main social sites that are currently getting links from:

  • 20 Manual Web 2.0 Submission (PR 4)

  • 150 Approved Article Submissions (PR 1)

  • 150 High PR Wikis (PR 2)

  • 150 High Pr Profiles (PR 1)

  • 1 Tumblr Blog Submission (PR 8)

  • 1 Weebly Blog Submission (PR 8)


  • 20 Google Plus Likes & Shares

  • 20 Facebook Shares

  • 24 Pinterest Likes & Repins

Now what we will do is for each of these sites we will get links from:

  • 10 Bokmarks per site

  • 3,000 Wikis


  • Ping

This system not only protects your reputation but it puts an end to fighting for new customers, more traffic and higher rankings and does it all with very little effort on your part.

Let’s say you decide to launch a new protect, being able to go to a blog and post information about it from an outside source that’s able to reach thousands of potential clients would be a powerful tool.

From an SEO side – having several accounts that can all be controlled from one location is also a feature.

Basically, every time you or I write a post it submits that content automatically to up to 18 social networks, with just a single click!  In turn this allows lightning fast indexing and gets you the backlinks Google, Bing and Yahoo love.

An even bigger benefit is the free traffic that comes from the social networks with every new post! 

The #1 Best Online Reputation Management Companies

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