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Srinivas Rao graduated from business school in 2009, into one of the worst U.S. job markets since the Great Depression.

His intelligence and knowledge of his subject matter allow him to extract the very best out of every interviewee, and he has built up a rabidly loyal audience who can’t wait to get his next episode.

That came from Copy Bloggers website.  Those guys are really awesome but I think they missed the boat on this one.  It takes more than just a knowledge of your subject matter.   You’ve got to be able to package it up and give it away.  And the packaging is what really matters.

I write better if I am confined and forced into being creative.

So I like designs that force me into being creative.  The design I am using for the SEO competition does just that while keeping it simple and easy to work with.  I originally started off with the idea of building the website around midsummer.

I was going to have a page for different famous people that where either born on or died on midsummer.  I spent a full day laying out the content before I started getting depressed at the thought of all the time I had lost and hadn’t accomplished anything.

I was writing about a lot of stuff I knew very little about. I felt like time spent researching information, I would never need again, for a competition I would never win, was more then I was willing to risk. So I decided to change the topic and make the website about the competition and not about midsummer. It hit me when I saw Midsummer House rankings for the keyword Mid Summer.

Good thing Google doesn’t grade on design because if they did I don’t think MidSummer House would be ranking there.

Their website looks more like a menu.

They have no idea of the amount of money they are losing by not using their website to it’s full potential.  But then who knows maybe they don’t need the money.

Either way this guys SEO tells another story.  The site is a very respectable Pr 4 with a Page Authority of 54,67 with BL 5.921 and BL’S 12.641. It’s got one .GOV link and it’s listed in DMOZ. Midsummer is also being used in the Title.

Keep in mind this isn’t the number one or even the number to ranked site for the keyword midsummer. This just reconfirms my original thoughts of this being an imposable task. There is no way anyone is going to be able to rank for this keyword, it just isn’t going to happen, not with a brand new site.

I guess it doesn’t really matter how legit the competition is if the goals are totally out of reach. Can you imagine getting a group of professional football players together and telling them they only get paid if they are able to score 100 touchdowns, in 15 minutes, while playing alone against the entire other Football team?

I wonder why the company on the other end doesn’t want to put their name on this competition?

Well I guess there is the other side of it where they wouldn’t want Google to know they were doing BlackHat SEO.

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