Whittle Your Website Down: Faster, Better, Cleaner & Makes More Money!

The problem with most websites is the total misunderstanding of the purpose of the website.  Your website should be designed with an understanding of what the goals are, how they will be measured and what the completion of each goal will mean for the business.


Twelve years ago we were all new to the design business so none of us really understood what we were doing.


Here’s how it would work:


The designer would talk with the business owner and get an idea of what the business owner was looking for.  The web designer would then put together a design and show it to the business owner.


There would be a bit of back and forth until all the details were worked out.  It would then be turned over to the web developer where he would get the programming and backend working.


The problem with this method is that the one person that matters most is left out.  Yes I know, you’ve got an awesome home page that tells the client all about your products.  An FAQ page that answer all the questions they might get asked and a “Contact Us” page.


But you really don’t know what the client wants.


The way you learn what the client wants is by building a website that has everything it needs to attract measure and convert website visitors.


In life when you make a purchase it is made on a subconscious level.  The truth is you have no idea why you just purchased, what it was that you purchased.


Your unconscious mind, your soul, controls the decisions you make.  All day you feed him with the things you hear, read see, and talk about.  He is very powerful.  When you walk into a store and get an uncontrollable desire to make a purchase that desire was created moments, hours, days, months, years and in some cases even before you were born.


This means that to get someone to make a purchase you have to play on these desires.


For example: I could create a home page that talks about the fact that I design and develop websites or I could create a home page that talks about and shows you how to make more money with your business.


But to do this correctly we have to set up goals for our websites.


The goal for my home page is to get you to click through to one of my many articles.  The reason I want you to do this is because I want to get to know you a little better.


Once you’ve gotten into my head and understand how I think I’d really very much like for you to check out my portfolio.  I really need to get in there and clean that mess up but either way you can check out all the awesome web designs I’ve done.


Once you leave there I’d really love for you to head over to my FAQ page and get an idea of how things work.  Or if you can’t wait and want to get started out the end result I am looking for is a contact.

Whittle Your Website Down: Faster, Better, Cleaner & Makes More Money!

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