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What Is Reputation Marketing, Why Do You Need It, and How Do You Maximize Its Effectiveness?

If you’re reading this, then I am sure you know you need to monitor, protect, and continually improve your online reputation.  But I am betting you don’t know how to capitalize on your reputation management.

It starts with the fundamentals of reputation management.

From what I’ve seen from twelve years of working with small business owners is that 90 percent of businesses have a very limited knowledge of how online content affects them in the offline world.

It never fails; before the day is out someone will tell me they already have a Twitter account and/or Facebook Page but either drives traffic to their business.

One of the first things I learned online was that just because you build a website doesn’t mean people will visit it.

That lesson was repeated when I started doing social media marketing. 

Just because you have a social media profile doesn’t mean anyone sees it.

You have to build links to your profiles, optimize them for the search engines and reach out to others in your community, provide value, and stay involved.

If you’re providing smart, witty, original, helpful and awesome content then it will be shared, linked to and provide a value to your business like nothing you’ve ever experienced.  At the same time this is happening it is creating a stronger, better wall of protection for your business and it’s reputation.

But what is reputation management?

Reputation management is the act of sharing tips, advice, and other value-added information across a number of social media profiles.  Optimizing those profiles so they rank highly in the search engines and trying to use that content to interact with prospects and customers in such a way that they share the content across their own social profiles.

These social media networks can then be used to create a following of loyal, lifelong, repeat buyers.  It’s all about using the power of content, RSS feeds, social media channels, and other methods to create a wall of protection while at the same time setting goals of making each profile a valued resource for hundreds and thousands of people who, in time, will want to buy what it is you sell.

Over a period of weeks, months, and years, we’ll build a solid relationship with them and earn their trust.

In a nutshell; reputation management is the process of making friends who enjoy buying from you.

But, how do you make it work for you?

Win With The Best Online Reputation Management Company

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