Your Reputation Matters

I don’t think there is a better way to explain how bogus this whole thing is then with this report.

But what’s everyone else saying?

Well…it looks like Shoemoney let his midsummer competition post go with unanswered questions.  Maybe he’s got some insider information, his post would sure lead you to believe so and there is a way to rank for midsummer if you had some inside knowledge and information on what was happening.

When I found out about the competition I went looking for answers and checked out a couple forums and blogs but was unable to find out anything.  So I wrote this post here and waited.


So I did a little research and found out there are a lot of people in a lot of different languages talking about this competition and most of them seem to have a lot more knowledge about what’s going on then what we’ve been given.  For example, they knew we were going after a competitive keyword last week.

So…it would only make sense that if small groups of people in different languages have different information, there would be small groups of people with access to even more private insider information.

As you and your buddies start to put together the impossible SEO contest you decide that what would be even better if you and your buddies where to win it. 

The contest was most likely a year or so in the planning. 

Once the keyword was chosen you could go ahead and start purchasing some domain names, building sites and begin the slow job of ranking those domain names for those keywords.  Your not looking for a top ranking just some good solid link juice.  Let’s say you’ve got 100 of these types of domain names building up back links and becoming an authority in Google’s eyes.

When the competition rolls around you just do a 301 redirect on all those sites and your home free.   

Of course I don’t really believe that’s what’s going on.  People like Shoemoney wouldn’t be willing to put their reputations on the line for that kind of game.

But it does seem a bit strange that they are looking for black hat SEO’s.   

The only company I can think of that would be looking for black hat SEO’s is Google.  With that being said if I did mess around and get the formula just right to rank for the keyword midsummer in the month or so this competition last I am not sure I would advance to the next level as I would be too busy building affiliate sites and ranking them.

Being able to rank for a competitive keyword in just over a months time from start to finish, with a brand new domain name would allow you to make your own money where you could purchase your own Porsche.

And that’s pretty much what I heard the finial round was. 

Translating from one language to the next isn’t easy but from what I could understand the finial step has something to do with affiliate marketing.  Maybe it’s who can sell a certain amount of the clients product.  If you can sell $200,000.00 worth of hair pieces in 30 days you win the Porsche.

These people should be ashamed of themselves.

But at the end of the day it comes done to your reputation and I believe that Shoemoney cares more about his reputation then to get involved in or at lest vale-ch for some kind of shady deal.

Your Reputation Matters

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