Geeks on Steroids

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Last Reviewed by Harold Knight on July 09 2013
Rating: 5

I want to start by saying I didn't take the opportunity to do this review lightly.  It points out the
problems and advantages of using Geeks on Steroids as your web design company.  

In the online world Geeks on Steroids is pretty old, however in the real world it's only about twelve years old.  Out of the twelve years, two years was spent making money in PPC and another two years was spent making money in affiliate marketing.  

That means that while they've been in business and building websites for 12 years 4 out of the twelve was focused on other parts of the business and the web design business was ignored.  While they were designing websites for themselves; they were not designing very many websites outside of their core group. 

This means that their ability to build and design websites far out way that of most web designers while their skills for running a web design business and dealing with clients maybe a little under par.  

I was speaking with Janeth Duque last night about the business and she told me that he grandfather always said work harder, he dad always said work smarter and she's tried both of those and wasn't satisfied with the results.    

She said she will no longer be rushing jobs to chase the next dollar but instead will be spending her time doing jobs that invokes a passion.  

She is currently working on two sites one is Midsummer a website having to do with God, demons, Angels, and the end of the world.    The second is Transportation Relief.  A website designed around helping the company with the name transport relief fix some reputation management problems. 

As you can tell Janeth is pretty awesome when it comes to laying out sites to make money or get a message across.  The problem comes in with not leading and guiding clients throughout the web design process but rather letting the clients lead her.   

A lot of times the client is unsure of the correct direction to go in and really need to be taken by the hand and guided through the process.  

This is a problem that Geeks on Steroids is aware of and one that they are currently trying to fix.  I know this because I have been hired to fix that very problem.  

Drop me a message and let me know what you think about Geeks on Steroids and my website review.   



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