Onsite SEO

I've been working on setting up a new site here.  It's really a lot of work setting up sites, building links to those sites and then trying to get those sites to rank in the search engines.

There just isn't anything easy about it, but it is fun.   

I've got a car website I am setting up here and a Transportation website as well as a fence company website

I love building and ranking websites. 

But if you watch as each one of those websites begin to take form I will do my best to make them interesting, unique and worth your time if your interested in the subject line.

I am not fond of building websites that are totally worthless and serve no purpose other than as a source of spam. 

It's the reason when this Black Hat competition came up I decided to join in.

No I am not really a Black Hat.  

Well...I use a lot of the same tools they use but mine is for a different purpose.  For example I scrape articles to get ideas for things to write about.  I rewrite my own content but tailor it towards a different solution for the same problem.

So...when this black hat competition came up I thought to myself.  I wonder if I could win that with all white hat stuff.

I thought about it a little more and said what the heck, let's go for it. 

But when it was all said and done what would I do with the site?  So...I decided to turn it into my UK SEO Company.

Yes, I'll keep using Geeks on Steroids as my US search engine optimization company but now I'll be adding on a new UK SEO company called Midsummer Dreams

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