3 Ways to Get More Traffic and A Better Social Media Platform For Your SEO Marketing

via IFTTT#Social Media Marketing and #SEO It's Not About Being on #Social #Media #Sites It's About Being Social Using social media for business isn't just a matter of signing up and creating a social media profile. Nothing happens when you create a profile the same way nothing happend the day you got your first fax machine, set up your first email system, or built your first website, and nothing is going to happen when you create your first social media profile. You can build it, create it, and like it, but they will still not come. You have to build it. You have to make it look interesting. You have to have a call to action, a goal something you want them to do when they get there and then you have to tell everyone it's there,and then be there when they show up. Using social media for business means actually using it. This is a communication device, which means people are expecting you to be there,to talk with them, to listen to them. They expect you to have conversations with them. But what happens when you are the only one there? It does not matter how well your content is written or how many followers you have on Twitter, if no one is clicking through to your website or buying from you then it is all for nothing. So the next couple videos I do will be all about getting traffic from the social media sites and getting that traffic to complete some kind of goal. Twitter has been working hard at fighting spam and from what I've come to understand if you want traffic from Here are some statistics about Twitter: 1. According to Nielsen Online, 60 percent of Twitter users stop using it within a month. This means that only 40 percent return after a month and one has to wonder how many of those are automated. 2. Here is a quote from Forbes.com: "Month over month, the fact remains that the majority of Twitter users are not going to be around the following month," says David Martin, the primary researcher at Nielsen. "In order to maintain growth, you have to continue to retain a large number of users." 3. Most users have no idea to use Twitter for their business and those that do find it a total waste of time. But I am not willing to count it out just yet. I've set up a Buffer account so I can track every tweet made to see which types of tweets perform better than others. Since most users do not return after the first 30 days I will use Wefollow to follow 100 users per day. If I see an increase in traffic due to the increase in followers then we will look at automating more of the process as well as increasing the number of people we are following. The idea to start with will be to follow popular accounts in hopes of being able to get their followers to follow me without my having to follow them in return. I will also be using the @ signs and # hash tags to see if I can show up in the twitter search to increase my traffic not just from my followers but from the people that are not my followers. If I see a hot topic I can drop a link into it I will. I'll also use blocks of post. Instead of posting once I will post 5 in a row each one 45 minutes apart with the last one being mine. This means that when I stop posting my post is the one that remains first I'll use Buffer for this and I'll spend another 30 minutes a day following people. I figure I'll set a timer and spend one hour a day on Twitter but no more as I do not feel like it is worth the time. My time would be better spent on some of the other social media sites so let's keep looking. And one other thing I need to start doing and that is posting images with the tweet.

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