Marketing Teapots

One of the most powerful tools social media sites have is their ability to find relationships.

For example: 

Let's say you are selling flowers and realize that there is a relationship between married men and their purchasing flowers on their wives birthdays.  With this information in hand you go to Facebook and target all men who are married and have a wife who will be having a birthday in the next 7 days.

Your not selling birthday items, you don't do birthday parties, and yet you would be selling flowers to a guy who isn't having a birthday and if he was he wouldn't want your flowers.   It's all about finding relationships.

It would work the same if you were selling golf clubs and found out that 60% of the people that played golf drank a particular kind of wine.  Instead of advertising in the middle of a thousand other kinds of golf clubs you could just advertise in the wine store. 

You've got to go outside the box and look for some way to connect your product to a wider audience. 

For example: 

We know it would be really difficult to market teapots on the social media sites without giving them a reason to click on the link.  And let's face it, it would be reallyhard to think of a reason to make the average guy or gal hanging out on a social media site click on the link.

You need the click because without it Google will see your buinsess as something no one is really interested in and you will not rank in the search results.

This means it is all for nothing and actually does more damage then good. 

So you need to look at what kind of person would buy a teapot.   

It Could Be:

1. Someone who has a little girl.
    A.) They are most likely married
    B.) They like the idea of being a family.
    C.) They go to church.
    D.) They watch the news.
    E.) They worry about what's happening around the world. 
    F.) They are busy and have very little time for their family or kids.

Now what I want to do is look at some problems these people might be facing like.

1.  They worry about how to take care of their family if something happens to them.
2.  They worry about what they would do if something bad happened where they live.  This could be natural or a man made disaster.
3.  They worry about not spending enough time with their kids.
4.  They worry about what their kids will grow up and become.
5.   They worry about them spending to much time in front video games and the tv.

So how do teapots solve any of these problems?

Teapots bring the family back together.  They allow the family to sit down and talk.  So now we know where they are but how do we get in front of them.  

First we need to find this person.  



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