SEO in 2014

via IFTTT Google made a lot of changes in the last year in regards to how they rank sites and intern has made getting traffic to your website really difficult. Google algorithm updates, like Hummingbird has undone a lot of hard work that many site owners and SEO's have put into getting traffic to their websites. Google has been forcing businesses into the more expense practice of buying AdWords. This is after all their business model, so score one for Google. The problem is that in the process that have put a lot business out of business. For example: Let's say you own a small business and your selling custom made surf boards. You're sitting back enjoying life, making your boards, and spending your days doing what you really enjoy. All of a sudden Google decides to rank you #1 for a hand full of keywords that literally drive millions of web visitors to your website. Overnight you have hundreds of orders that come in and there is no way for you to keep up. You begin hiring people like crazy and your day goes from doing what you truly enjoy to spending all your time training, hiring, firing, managing, and dealing with employees as well as dealing with a constant flow of customers and potential customers. Because of the sudden flow of traffic it is impossible to deliver on all the orders. So you begin the pain taking task of contacting potential clients, canceling orders, and refunding money. Of course not everyone understands so a couple take to posting rip-off reports and Facebook updates about how they're upset about their business dealings with you. The guy who use to rank for the keywords you currently rank for sees this happening and happily joins in making up false claims and doing all he can to add fuel to the fire. Google then has a new algorithm update and you no longer rank for those keywords and all the traffic stops. Google has forced you into a position of having to buy their ads or begin the painful task of firing employees and defaulting on all the loans you've taken out to expand your business. Regardless of which you chose you'll spend the next decade trying to explain the reason for the bad reviews taken out from a handful of people who were never your client and that you never profited off of. You might stumble along for the next couple of years but the damage has been done. And if you start looking online for help there is so much conflicting information and misinformation that it is almost impossible to make an educated decision on what is the best route to take. You'll most likely either get burned by some SEO guys are become paralyzed by the fear of getting penalized by Google. Welcome 2014...where Google has taken control of your life, rather it is selling your information to the government or playing with your ability to survive they are like the villain in a bat man movie. do you prevent this from happening to you... You can get hit by a Google algorithm that makes your site go up in the rankings or down in the rankings without you're doing anything at all...something's gotta give... In the next couple videos I am going to show you how to build your audience & establish a reputation as a leader in your industry -- while making more money with your website. But to do this, we need to get real. There's no magic pill. But there ARE systems, processes, tactics and practices that will allow us to get more traffic and make more money with our websites. I am going to take you step by step through the process of setting up a real website and driving real traffic to that website. I am going to share stats, design and conversion tactics, SEO best practices, and social media marketing tactics that work.

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