Getting More Traffic Ideas for!

If you’re wondering why anyone would be wasting time optimizing content for … I’m about to let you in on a little known secret. 

The secret to getting traffic from is almost shocking in its simplicity.  To start with the site gets over 409 million views every month with over 14.5 billion pages being viewed. 

A site created on the hosting platform starts off with a powerhouse of Google ranking authority and this is mainly due to the fact that the site gets 42.6 million new posts and 54.5 million new comments each month.

No matter what subject you choose to write about, there’s a community of people on who share your interests.  But before you start posting on you want to make sure you have your blog set up correctly.

Mobile Ready Website Designs, Free and Only a Click Away!

According to Pew Research, people using mobile device to access your content continues to increase.  As of January, 2014, 58% of adults in the US owned a smartphone and they’re using it to read online content.

You want to make sure you can tap into this market and the first step in doing so is making sure your theme is mobile friendly.  With a website this is easy to do, go into your admin area and go to Appearance > Mobile and select “Yes” next to the “Enable mobile theme” radio button. 

This makes your content compatible with whatever device your web visitor is using when they visit your site.

Update Your About You Page!

The very next thing you want to do is update your About Page.  This is one of the most viewed pages on the site. 

Once you’ve gotten your about page updated you want to turn on Publicize.  This allows your blog to automatically share new posts on Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo or LinkedIn accounts.  This increases your reach every time you publish a post.

From here you want to turn on Sharing.  This allows your web visitors to share a link to your post on their social networks, their blog, or through email.

You also want to allow your readers to subscribe by email.  If you turn on the Subscriptions widget, people can choose to get notified of new posts on your blog, automatically, by email.

 Now it’s time to start writing.  You want to set up a schedule and plan on keeping it.  It doesn’t matter if you plan to post once a week, twice a week or daily as long as you keep to the schedule you set.

Make sure you create good titles. Blog post titles are like newspaper headlines. They need to be short and interesting to get people to want to see what’s inside.

If you discover a blog you like and it’s related to your topic then link to it.  When you link to another blog, they’ll typically get notified (via a pingback) that someone has mentioned them. This will encourage them to visit your blog and, if they like what they find, link to you as well in their posts.

Tags are important.

Tags are a lot like categories but much more specific.  When a user searches a tag in the Reader, you want your post to appear in the list.  This allows people who are interested in the subjects you are writing about to find your post.

When you create tags you need to keep in mind related topics.  For example, when I tag this post I might include tags for SEO, social media marketing,, content marketing, reputation management and website traffic. 

You want to try and have at least five tags but no more than fifteen per post.   If you have more then fifteen tags and or categories for a post it could be removed because it looks like spam.

Engage the Community

Attracting traffic is a lot like making friends.  You do this online by following tags in your Reader and then reading and subscribing to the blogs that you like, and showing a bit of love with likes and thoughtful comments.

Every comment is an opportunity to show how well you write and think.   When people read a great comment, they’ll see your name, and the link to your blog, encouraging them to see what else you have to say.

And make sure you respond to every comment you get.

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