How to Use Herd Mentality to Build a Social Media Presence

I want to let you in on a little secret …

We all have a “Herd Mentality.”

This may come as a surprise to some but we all have a tendency to follow the leader, or stick with the pack might be a better way of saying it.

If you land on a post and no one has commented on it you are less likely to comment on it then if other people have already commented on it.  

Everything else being equal, if other people have already commented on the post you’re more likely to comment with the pack then to against the pack.

This means if I write an article and no one comments on it then the tendency will be for no one to comment on it, unless my article stirs up enough desire in someone to get them to leave that first comment.

It takes a lot more desire to leave the first comment then it does to leave the second or third comment.  It is the reason many post, videos and images go one forever with no comments.   

The cool thing about the first comment is that it will normally set the tempo for all following comments.  The bad thing is if that first comment is a negative one then more negative comments could follow.

Of course this problem is secondary to problems on sites like StumbleUpon where posting your own content it frowned upon.  And all this is mute if you’re a 40 year old go selling woman’s undergarments. 

This leaves one solution to all three problems. 

  • A Persona. 
If you have a persona or even a couple persona's you can;
  1. You’re able to create a person who speaks and sounds like the age group, race, and sex of your potential customer.
  2. You’re able to leave the first comment.
  3. You’re able to control the tone and attitude of the first comment.
  4. You’re able to share the personas or have the persona share your content.

While personas solve a lot of problems with the social media sites they also create a lot of new problems.

For example, how do you make Google think that your someone you’re not?

At the moment Google is recording everything you search for even if you do not hit the search button.  They know what type of computer you’re using, they know where you’re located, and they even know which computer you’re using at this very moment.

You need to make them think that it’s a different person, using a different computer, from a different location.  Because you not only have to fool Google, but you have to be able to fool every single social media site you’re going to be using.

This allows you to protect yourself while you’re surfing the internet ... from:

  • Personas - Create a persona for each product you’re selling.
  • Stalkers – Hide your IP and other information that would let some… weirdo show up out your housing thinking you guys had a date.
  • X-Spouses – Hide your identity and information from an abusive X.
  • Employers – So you’re not representing your employer while socializing with friends.  Your actions do not damage the reputation of the company you work for.

  • Restrictions – Bypass restrictions imposed by any government or online company that prevents you from seeing certain content online.
  • Prevent Companies From Selling Your Information –
BT (Remedy)
Verizon (Dacron)
Vodafone (Gerontic)
Level 3 (Little) and Global Crossing (Pinnage)
Viatel (Vitreous)
Interoute (Streetcar)
Have all been selling your information.  They sell your search history and create backdoors so people can watch you.
The more protection you have between you and them the better.

If you want to see a lot more reasons why you need to be able to hide your identity while your surf the internet checkout this list here.

As soon as I get this all set up I will be moving forward with my last three articles here, here, and here.

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