Online Reputation Management And How To Do It Right!

When someone shares a link with you, and you click on it, within seconds of receiving the information an opinion is formed about the person who sent the link.  This is important to understand because a lot of the repairing of your reputation starts on the social media sites.

This means paying attention to what’s being shared and passed on but not in the way you might think.  You do not want to share information or stats about your business.  You do not want to share information about you or the people that work for you. 

What You Share Affects Your Online Reputation 

You’re looking to share things your customers would find interesting, both the male and female customers.  What I am trying to say is that you do not want to get into a share mine and I’ll share yours type of deal with other members of the community.

Many times what will end up happening is a company will hire someone to write content in bulk and the content quality goes down.  Then they’ll hire another guy to hit the communities liking and sharing content and pushing others to return the favor.

He’s after the link and is not much worried about the community that is damaged in his passing through, but you’re not!

Every social media site has a community that can be tapped into. got 409 million views last month and 14.5 billion pages viewed.  What I want to do is look at tapping into the communities on sites like WordPress, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Facebook, and so on.
In my next post I will be looking at doing just that.  

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