Reputation Management

via IFTTT Most of us do not pay much attention to our online reputation. What I want to show you in the next series of videos is why your online reputation is important as well as how to turn your reputation into a 5 star reputation. So let's start by looking at what makes up your online reputation because it is a lot more than just your business websites. Google says your online reputation is determined not only by what you post but also by what others post and say about you. This includes a mention in a blog post, a tag in a photo, or a public status update anywhere on the Internet. So...your online reputation can be formed and gathered together in a lot of different ways and it doesn't always have to be by you. It could be an ex-employee or anyone else who has something bad to say about you or your business. It makes no difference to Google rather it is bad or good. But it does matter to your clients and potential clients because according to ConStat nearly all of us (97%) do online research before making an offline purchase. So the conversations that take place online with or without your participation that are about you, your product, or business, do and will have an effect on your bottom line. Let me say that again. The conversations that are taking place on forums, blogs, comment sections, product reviews on web sites such as a Yelp or yellow pages as well as industry reviews will have an effect on rather or not someone makes an offline purchase from you. All these reviews and comments combine together and form your online reputation. Whether you know about the comments or not rather they are on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn all come together to form your reputation. If someone, anyone post an image anywhere online about your business, you or your products, rather it be on Flickr, a video or any social media site, whether they're good or bad, positive or negative, rather they are posted by you or someone you do not even know, they are all taken into consideration by Google when they bring back information about you, your products, services, business or employees. James Citkovic Todd Kmiec

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