The Secret to Getting Traffic from StumbleUpon

Stumble Upon is one of the many ways to get traffic to a web page from one of the social media sites.  And if you’re going to rank a page in one of the major search engines it needs to be getting some social media traffic and love.

I guess you could say this is the place where the content hits the fan.  Stumbleupon is a social network built around content.  This is where the guy, gal, or kid looking for more information on a topic finds an article and clicks through to your website, where you are given the opportunity to  amaze and dazzle the reader to the point of their wanting to know more about you.

This is a new door being opened up in your business and you’re being given an opportunity to amaze and dazzle your new web visitors.  This is a guy that has just closed the browser on his Facebook page and just wants to be alone with some great content.

Your content has should be about dazzling, educating, informing and entering…not about selling things.  On SumbleUpon the content is grouped into categories, channels, and lists.  When you upload a new post you can assign a category and tags, these allow your content to reach a broader audience.

When someone stumbles across one of your pages they can they can like, dislike or skip your suggested page.

Then, you can get traffic from directory pages (list, category, channels, profile, brand, tags, etc…); Optimized pages still apply then popularity and interests. The following tips will help you make StumbleUpon your best passive traffic sources.

1.    Complete your profile

The first thing you want to do is to make sure that your profile is filled out.  All you are doing is sharing pages you find interesting with friends who are like minded.  The more you stumble, share and vote, the better the algo gets at predicting what you like.

Because you will be sharing your own content you want to look for and vote on pages that are similar to yours.  This helps you build an audience for this kind of content before you share your own.  If one your followers like your content, that person will submit it to their followers. 

So once you have signed up, be sure to:

•    Fill out your basic bio information under the Settings > Customize Profile to let people know who you are and what you are interested in.

•    Select the topics you are interested in under the Settings > Manage Interests.

•    Upload a profile photo of yourself under Settings > Profile Picture.

2.    Post in right category

When you’re uploading your content you need to pay attention to what category you put your content in.  Each category has a number of followers following it, the more followers that are following that categories the more likely you are to get traffic.

3.    Ranking content in category pages

A pages popularity and stumbler authority help to determine where your page will rank in the category you have assigned it to.  This means getting people to like and share your content.
This is important and I will go into this more in a future article.

4.    Get more followers

You’ll find that the more you use StumbleUpon the better the algo gets as introducing you to likeminded people.  You might not have anything in common with most people in a category but depending on your stumbles, preferences and even connections as well as dozens of very specific stumbles and votes, you’ll eventually be getting stumbles based on a very narrow group that interests you.

Once you’ve been matched to a targeted group of stumblers who think like you, your chances of getting your content shared increases.  Your followers are your audience and your best chance at getting your content liked and stumbled by others.

5.    Use tags

Tags are like categories except that you’re able to show up under more than just one and this allows more people to find your content.  They are very powerful on StumbleUpon.
Remember to pick your tags carefully.

6.    Use and group pages under lists

List allows you to theme and group pages together.  List can be about anything and unlike categories; it is up to you to create lists.  People will follow list and list allow you to mix your content in with the experts and become part of the group.

7.    Share and like your pages that have been stumbled on by others

It is said that if your page gets stumbled by someone other than you then it is more powerful.  So…if someone else shares your page, go to that profile and like the submission.

8.    Optimize your article headline

You should always be testing and studying what headlines work and which ones do not work, because this is what will create the desire in someone to click or not to click.  It does no good to get people to your profile or content if they do not click through to the content.  

9.    Images make a Big difference

Along with your title an image is taken from your post and shown under the title and above the description!  A picture has been proven to dramatically increase your traffic from social media sites and StumbleUpon works the same way. 

10.    Submit interesting web pages – and not just yours

You need to both submit web pages and Stumble Upon pages submitted by others.  This will allow you to see pages you like as well as get your name out in the community.

You want to promote your own content on StumbleUpon, but if you only submit your own content then you will not create a strong following because, you are limiting your readers to only your writing style.

You can see which of your pages have been viewed the most.  This will give you an indication of what people like and don’t like.  This means you can tweak and fine tune your titles and content to get a better response from the community.

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