Geeks on Steroids

I was talking to my mom the other day and she asked me what I believed. 

My mom is religious so the question seemed pretty specific when it was asked.  I laughed and told her I would write it down for her and send it in an email.

But as I sit here an think about it, it seems a bit more complicated.

I am not well educated and I have spent my entire life wearing a mask, I do not know who I am, much less what I believe.

So...I decided to take an old domain name I had called "Geeks on Steroids" and do what a Geek would do.  Use the internet and find the Geeks to disprove or prove the bible

I can use Geeks on Steroids for my notes and begin creating the letter for what I believe to be true... that will later be sent to my mom.  I can then create videos and use social media sites to get ideas on what others think about the information to help me form my own opion on the different topics and ideas.

All this information can be tracked and shared to show a real world example of how social media marketing can affect a business.   

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