How to Improve Twitter Engagement

This is a continuation of my post here.

I am trying to get a forum started here and I want to try and drive traffic to the forum from Twitter.  So I searched online and have put a list of ideas together in hopes of getting the most out of twitter.

#1: Questions

I will do some testing with asking questions.  I am not talking about longer complicated questions but short and simple.

Maybe even try some fill-in-the-blank type questions or either or type questions.

#2: Photos

I need to create photos that will add to my message.

Of course this means I will have to be creative and I am not very creative.

People who have tested images say that a close-up of a face, increased the success of a web page.  I will try and Tweet some images of faces to test this idea.

Any ideas?

#3: Videos

I want to do some testing with videos to see if I get any response from them.  Videos are kind of cool because followers can watch without leaving the platform.

#4: Slide Decks

I have not tried Slide Decks yet but since I am already trying to figure out a way to come up with some really cool and unique pictures I might as well try and incorporate them into slides and share them on Twitter as well.

And like videos followers don’t have to leave Twitter to view the slides.

#5: Retweeting

I can try and create relationships with other Twitter users by sharing their content with my audience and hopefully they will repay me by doing the same with my content.

#6: News

Twitter is an awesome way to stay current with news and trends.  Many people rely on Twitter for their news updates.

So I can make sure my followers are update by sharing recent news and information.

Sharing useful content should help build credibility.

#7: My Thoughts

Every Tweet does not have to link out so from time to time I will just share my thoughts on different topics.

Sharing my thoughts is an effective way might spark a conversation.

#8: Quotes
I want to do some testing with quotes and try and do at least one or two per day.

#9: Memes
I want to test memes and see if I can be funny.  It’s not unheard of for a funny meme to go viral.

#10: Tips

At the moment I am not sure of exactly what type of tips I can post but it is an idea that I would like to test as well.

#11: Trending Hashtags

If I can find hashtags that are already trending then I can use them to reach a larger audience.  This should allow all my tweets to get a little extra exposure.

Knowing which topics are hot will allow me to tailor my content to match those hashtags.  Of course I will need to  research the hashtag and the conversation around it.

#12: Jump on the Bandwagon

Try and test Tweets that encourage people to become part of the team.  People like to fit in and be a part of something bigger.  Maybe I can use this to get people to join the forum and post.

I can also use controversial tweets to try and get people to respond.

#13: Test caps

I want to test all caps, no caps and sentence caps.

Is someone more likely to click on an ad with all caps verse sentence caps or lowercase?

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