Free Templates vs Custom Website Designs

I am not sure that a custom website design is the best way to go.

However, one of the problems with the free templates is that a lot of them code features into the templates and you are always getting asked to upgrade inside your admin area.

With locked features and other things looming around they can be a pain to make changes to.

A lot of them also update their templates every so often and when they update the templates they always put their links back at the bottom of the page.

Of course not only do you have to go back and remove that link but other changes you've made to the site could get removed as well.

To get the site correct with being mobile friendly, SEO'd, and the load time the best it can be you really need to have a designer go into the site and get it all set up.

Once you've paid the designer and gotten it all like you want it, it can be upsetting to find you'll need to do it all over again next month because the template owner decided to update something on the template.

Purchasing a template for a hundred bucks or so and having a designer come in and make changes might be the best option.

This way you've got more then one guy looking at the coding.

Of course if either of the guys suck at coding then you've got a much bigger problem.

For example it could actually take longer to come in and find and fix someone else’s bad coding then it does to just code the template from scratch.  

With a custom website design your getting things exactly like you are wanting and you can use a lot of free tools online to check coding, load time, and mobile friendliness.  

I guess it really depends on what is more important to you ... time or money.

With a custom design your getting more control over what is happening. 

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