Getting More Traffic

I am a little disappointed in the current traffic I am getting.

I am not going to lie to you, writing a blog post a day isn't easy.

But despite this I have managed to write one on the 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, and 29th and will continue to do my best to put out a post out a day.

Well to say the least I haven't seen much if any of an increase in traffic. 

Now I am not saying that we shouldn't write content but what I am saying is that content alone will not do anything.

I know some knuckle head will pop in here and say he wrote one post and now just sits back and makes money day after day.

But that obviously isn't how it works.

Of course they'll say the problem is my content just wasn't good enough, but how would Google know that without sending traffic to the page and seeing how people reacted?

So I am hearing a lot bull, but I won't sweat it, because when I say let's test it, they pretend like they never said it. 

So I am going to try and change some things up a bit. 

My Format:

1.  Title

The title is currently in an h1 tag and I will leave this like it is. 

2.  Main Heading

I will set this up in an “h2 tag” which in most of the articles it has already been set up this way.

3. Sub Heading

I am already using the “h3 tags” here.

But I am also going to start using the "h4 & h5 tags” as well. 

4.  Images

I have been using my keywords in the image name but I am going to try and use two images per post.
  • Alt Text: I have also been using my keyword here.
  • Description: I will change this to use 2 lines about my article.
I am going to try and increase the blog post to two per day starting tomorrow as well as setting up a forum.

I am also going to start reviewing popular YouTube videos and posting them along with my reviews targeting the name of the author and name of the video on the site.

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