Social Media Marketing - How to Get More Traffic to My Blog

I am not a writer. 

I have no idea how to start an article off.

They say the first line is the most important line as it needs to grab your visitors attention.

I can write an article, when I finish it, I think ... this is really awesome.

But the next day when I am ready to post it and I reread it, I think wow ... I am an idiot, and the second I post this ... everyone is going to know it.

To make matters worst ... in every direction I look, everyone is saying the same-thing.

Write something awesome and just sit back and wait for the traffic. 

I would like to just come out and call this B.S from the get go. 

I mean really, Google is going to visit my blog and say wow ... this is really awesome, you are now ranking #1 for the stupid stuff people say?
  • Google can check grammar.
  • Google can make sure it is original. 
But I am not sure they can do much more then that.

Don't get me wrong!

The article needs to be optimized for Google.

From my understanding, at the moment Google likes articles that are over 2,000 words long.

Now that is a long article and let's not forget that we will need some unique images as well.  

If I post an article a day then I would expect to see a couple visitors per day, but not much more then that.

Not if that was the only thing I was doing!

As a matter of fact, I could probably write five articles per day and not see more then a thousand unique visitors at the end of the month.

Don't get me wrong!

I am not saying that the content isn't important.

I am just saying that content alone isn't going to get you very far.

This means that in addition to writing 2,000 plus words of content, per an article, per day, you will need to market that content.

Of course to get the most out of the content you will need an awesome web design that is also optimized for conversion, speed, and Google.

Google can measure how quickly your site visitors leave as well as how long it takes you site to load.

And let's not forget ...

We need to know which keywords we can easily rank for and still get traffic from.

You know ... the keywords that the 5 million other sites you are competing against, who have a team of SEO's working on, haven't thought of yet.

Then you need to know the best and most effective ways of promoting your content across each one of the social media platforms. 

Of course you will need profiles, friends, and already be sharing and carrying on conversations on each one of the social platforms before you get started.

Has anyone really tested what it takes to get traffic to a website in 2015?

Do you honestly believe all I need to do is write up some really awesome content?




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