The Secret Life of an SEO

I am posting this here but it is actually written for a post over at WPW. 

I wrote about how crazy Internet Marketing has gotten here.

Now the reason I wrote that post was because John aka C0ld F1re from WPW had asked me to come back and post some on the forum.

Sadly, it does not look like he has posted on the forum lately either.

I guess I took to long to answer but I will drop him an email and let him know that I did eventually show up.  

I spent some time looking around the Internet to see what was happening in the SEO industry before my return.

I am really surprised at how complicated marketing a website has gotten. 

However the one thing that has not changed is the marketing gurus talking about how their getting thousands of visitors overnight with their secret methods that require little to no work.

I have also heard a lot about how all you need to do is write really good content, so I've decided to put that one to the test.

Not that I write really good content but I can put out some really unique content.  

I have set up a website here and I plan to post an article a day for the rest of this year, to see what happens.

Now ... I am ironing out some loading problems with the site.

The site is far from being finished.

I felt like while I was finishing up the site I would go ahead and test out some of the other stuff the gurus are saying.

Since John asked me to return and since I owe so much of my past success to you guys and WPW I felt it was only fair that I share what I am testing with you.

Of course since I am bit rusty with what works and how to do things, I felt I would post exactly what I am doing and ask for help as I am doing it.

You see I can say, "I've tested it and Twitter just doesn't work!"

But if I didn't test it correctly, if I left out one thing ... then I can't say that I have truly tested it.

By posting exactly what I am doing and asking for help my chances of not missing out on any important details increases.

I decided to go with a neutral website so I would not be bumping heads with any of the web designers or SEO gurus here on the forum.

Plus it is a topic I personally want to learn more about and this allows me to learn more about the topic as well as figure out how to market my website.

I am not selling SEO, SMM, Web Designs, Link Building or anything else so if someone comes up looking for those services, please ask someone else who is helping out in one of the threads.

I do not have time to do anything other then testing this.

Other words, by helping me you get:
  • Access to my analytics. 
  • You get to test all the stuff you've wondered about, but did not have the time to test.  
  • If it works and the site starts getting thousands of visitors a day, you can use the site as a reference for future clients. 
  • And any members that are interested in implementing any of the methods we are testing, are all yours.
  • Oh ... and you also get to learn some stuff you might not have seen before between what I am doing and what others are giving me advice on. 
Again, the site is a bit rusty and as am I but hopefully we will both be improving as we put the gurus to the test.

I will be using this thread to link out to the other threads as I create threads asking for advice on the different methods I will be using, testing and begging for help on.

This helps me to be able to come back to one spot to see what I have done and posted about.







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