A Blog Post Per Day and It's Results

I was just sitting here wondering how much traffic you could get if you wrote a blog post every day for say the next 90 days.

Now this alone is a lot of work but then I was wondering what would happen if you tried to drive that traffic to a video channel where you had some unique and cool videos.  

Of course unique and cool videos are a bit harder to make so lets say we try and do three of those per week.

Since I am neither unique or cool I figure I would try and use blender to make the videos.  Now Blender is a cool little program but it has a huge learning curve and requires a lot of computer resources. 

So what I've had to do is strip it down to just a character sitting in a chair in a black room and being questioned by an unseen voice.

So this is the birth of Ziggy Miguis.

Miguis is a word my wife uses that she says means a good friend.

Okay I just looked it up and it appears to be talking about a girl.  So that's just perfect my last name makes me a chick ... oh well it's too late now.

Loyal, tough, smart, hilarious, woman. She knows everything about everything, this girl knows the streets to the books to the boys to it all. Mad pretty too, this social butterfly has brains, Bronx, and beauty. Respectful queen, that Migui. She got that sass sweetness and she's the funnest, most hilarious dork ever, you gotta love Migui. 
She sounds like everything I'm not, starting with the female portions but I guess it is what it is.

I've already created the YouTube channel and I've made about three little short three to eight minute videos.  I was told that was the best length to go for.

Here is the first one and I am not sure about the order of the others.

You can see that I added a shirt and played with the texturing and movements as I made these.  I didn't check the order of the last two they may be out of order.

Now these first once are nothing more then just talking about whatever just popped into my head as I was trying to get the character to moving correctly and trying to figure out a voice for him and the voice asking the questions.

As you look at these you will notice I had a lot of problems with the mouth movements as well as the hand and body movements. 

One other problem I began having after the third video was the program crashing all the time.  So in the next video I changed the chair, removed the shirt and made it part of him, and changed and tweaked just about every setting I could find but still it crashes about every 50 images.

The problem is a lot of times I am working on something else and don't realize it until a couple hours later.  Maybe I can check in with the Blender community 
and get some help.

Here is the last video and I added a green screen to this one to try and make it less boring.

I also tweaked the voices a good bit.   

My goal for the day is to get my first Ziggy blog post made and to get another video posted.

So I will give a daily update with stats from both the videos and blog post.

Thanks and have a good day. 

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