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Okay ... so I stopped for a day and created a female Ziggy. 
Now we have both the male and female version of Ziggy.

I am going to try and keep the voice pretty much the same although I will tweak it a bit to try and make it more female.
I didn't get a chance to add a post yet to Ziggy's blog nor have I added another video as trying to get the female Ziggy ready has taken up all my time.
I have two new Ziggy videos coming out this coming week and in those I will first use the male Ziggy and then I'll use the female Ziggy.  I will most likely stay with the female Ziggy from that time onward as she needs a lot of work.
As a matter of fact she will be the first one that I'll be doing my marketing with.
So ... if everything goes correctly we should have a new video coming out on Monday.

Thanks and take care,

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