Are We Witnessing the Death of Marketing?

So in this video I added an intro and the intro actually came from and the intro I used was from here.

But I am going to change it to this one here as soon as they fix their site so I can download it.

Here is the newest video ...

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It's basically talking about how most people don’t have the first clue that there is a battle taking place all around them.

It then goes on to explain how it's a battle for our thoughts.

The rich and shameless have tweaked and fine tuned their tools of persuasion down to an art form but from within their own ranks one seeks to destroy them so the second being worst then the first took their tools of persuasion and evolved them into A.I.

So first I will expose their tools of persuasion, second I will expose them, third I’ll expose their A.I., and fourth I’ll give my thoughts an a solution.

This propaganda that they call information started way back in the first world war and continues through to this very day.  The same companies that run the governments information war machine are the same ones that run the information war machine for the corporations, so I would expect to see an overlap with techniques so lets start with the military and we can see it in action.

The information war machine has to continue to evolve as once a technique is exposed it no longer works.

For example, have you ever noticed how some news stations have the retired military guy, whose an outside consultant, and he explains what is happening right before we go to war.   

Well this retired military guy is being paid by the government to come and give their side of the story, which means he is not an unbiased third party and yet the major media to treat the official government sources as fact, rather than just one perspective that needs to be verified and researched.  

Something else we never get is the other side of the story, before someone dies we should get both side of the story.

Another thing their good at is destroying the other side with name calling instead of facts, stats, and proven information.

They watch us and intentionally create messages of hate, combined with emotions of honor and righteousness.

They focus on the irrational without looking at the reasons for the conflict.

They reduce a conflicts down to only two sides. 

They display one side as good and the other side as evil.

They present violence as the only alternative, no matter the problem.

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