Getting More Traffic to Your YouTube Videos?

I was wondering just how much traffic you could get to a YouTube video, so I created this character and started playing around with it.

Now I am using Blender and there is a bit of a learning curve but there are a lot of tutorials so it isn't as bad I was thinking it was going to be.

I've not spent a lot of time on movements at the moment as my main focus has been on speed.  

I've pretty much decided on a topic to go after and that is marketing but my view point is a bit different then most.

Here is one of the videos ...  


You can check it out on YouTube by going here ...   

I've also created a blog where I will be trying to post at least one post per day with a video.  

The first step is to see how much traffic I can get to the videos by doing three videos per day, three blog post per day, and tweeting the videos out.  

I will also be adding in some forum posting hopefully before the end of the week.  
So far you can take a look at the videos and  you'll see that most of them have only had two or three views and the one with the largest views have the green screen affect which I don't like doing.  

1.)  I don't like doing it because it is time consuming trying to figure out what images and things to use.

2.)  People have gone crazy with copyrighting stuff, I mean they've even copyrighted pictures of dying leaves.  So this means you pretty much can't use anything that you haven't created yourself.

Since I don't have time to create everything myself I am wondering about how I can make this work.  

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